First Glimpse At Square Enix's New Unreal Action RPG

By Colin Tan on November 30, 2011, 10:15PM EST

Square Enix recently licensed the Unreal Engine 3 again, revealing a brand new action RPG is currently in the pipeline using Epic's suite of development tools. The first bit of art for the game, spotted by Andriasang and seen above, can be seen on the Square Enix recruitment page.

Not much is known about the game, but it is said to be under development internally at Square Enix. With that said, it is neither a Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest title. Team leader Ryutaro Ichimura (Dragon Quest) revealed that the team had been travelling around the world for the past couple of years, researching and surveying users to determine what direction they should take.

Imagery for the game may appear very Western, but that is not the target of the project. According to Ichimura, the team isn't looking to target the Western demographic, but to craft an engaging game experience designed for a worldwide release. Platforms have yet to be finalized, but the publisher is gunning for a console release, and if the timing suits it, release on next-generation consoles.

Square Enix is currently looking for new talent to join the core team of 35. The recruitment site lists several positions available for application:

Planner (Action) -- work on creating the specifications and data for the game's action, focusing on combat action Planner (Writing) -- work on writing the text for the game and scenario Planner (Level) -- work on level and field design via UnrealEngine 3, and positioning enemies, items and so-forth Game Programmer -- work on areas like camera control and AI Network Programmer -- work on such areas as matching and network synchronization during gameplay 3D Graphics Programmer -- work on real time 3D graphics realization and optimization Physics Programmer -- work on in-game physics simulation and optimization Animation Programmer -- work on 3D model animation Art Designer -- background art (image and gadgets) and character and enemy art and design Motion Designer -- work on game character motion VFX Designer -- work on effects for action scenes, cut-scenes and so-forth BG Modeler -- work on production of 3D backgrounds, also work on level design through Unreal Engine 3 editor Character Modeler -- work on modeling for characters and enemies, taking artwork and going through process of high mesh, modeling, bone, texture and material

Source: Andriasang

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