Glitch MMO Returns To Beta Status

By Darryl Kaye on December 1, 2011, 5:15AM EDT

Two months after the launch of Glitch, the developers have decided to put the game back into its beta status, effectively "unlaunching" the game.

"There are two obvious and huge improvements we need to make: the first is to make the early game reveal itself more easily to new players so they can get into the fun faster," said Stewart Butterfield who works for Tiny Speck.

"The second and larger task is to give those players who have gotten over that initial hump and fallen in love with the game - spending dozens or even hundreds of hours playing - the creative tools that they need to change the world in more tangible ways."

The game will still be playable in its beta form, but anyone who has invested money and feels aggrieved can claim a full refund on the official site for the game.

Source: Glitch Official Site

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