Keiji Inafune Releases First Post-Capcom Game

By Patrick Molloy on December 27, 2011, 2:21PM EDT

Comcept head Keiji Inafune has released his first game since leaving Capcom last year, Dr. Momo's Island, available through Japanese mobile social gaming network GREE.

Released for Android devices (an iOS edition is on the way), the title was jointly developed by Comcept and Index, the parent company of game developer/publisher Atlus. The social game has players collecting eggs and fusing/trading animals in a quest to create cute creatures.

Inafune formed Comcept and Intercept in late 2010, leaving Capcom after working at the company for 23 years to try his hand at independent development. He previously served as producer for titles like Dead Rising, Super Street Fighter IV, Lost Planet, and the Mega Man series.

Inafune's game production firm Intercept (Comcept is a planning organization for entertainment properties) is also currently working on a Nintendo 3DS action-adventure project titled King of Pirates, which is scheduled to release in Japan some time in 2012.

Source: Joystiq

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