Microsoft To End Its Annual CES Presence After Nearly 20 Years

By Patrick Molloy on December 22, 2011, 10:54AM EDT

After almost 20 years of showcasing its products at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, Microsoft has revealed that 2012 will mark its last keynote presentation and booth at the event.

This marks the end of an era for the company, which historically made some key announcements at the show. Though some of those announcements were game-centric (such as revealing the original Xbox on stage in 2001), the company does not typically have a significant video game presence at CES, saving those announcements for later in the year, primarily E3.

Microsoft's Frank X. Shaw explained that the company decided to move away from CES because "our product news milestones generally don't align with the show's January timing."

Microsoft's final CES keynote will take place Monday, January 9, 2012 in Las Vegas.

Source: CNN

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