Mojang's Cobalt Officially Hits Alpha, Available Now

By Colin Tan on December 17, 2011, 8:32PM EDT

Mojang's next project Cobalt has officially hit Alpha, and just like Minecraft is available at a 50 percent discount from the planned retail release.

"This release marks a big step for Mojang, entering a new phase for the company," announced Mojang Managing Director Carl Manneh. "Cobalt is the second game to be publicly available for us and also our first 3rd party developed game."

The Alpha of Cobalt is only available for Windows at this point. It comes packed with the game's multiplayer and co-op campaigns, as well as a level editor for all the creatives out there. The Alpha is priced at 10€/$13, while the Beta release is priced at 15€/$20 and the final release at 20€/$26. The Beta will include a fully functional level editor, in-game level sharing, even more editors and additions to the single-player and co-op campaigns. It'll also be available for both Mac and Linux systems.

In addition, Minecraft users can keep their accounts when buying Cobalt as Mojang have introduced unified accounts.

Source: Mojang

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