New BioWare Pulse Episode Features New Mass Effect 3 Abilities

By Lauren Alessandra on December 2, 2011, 8:29AM EDT

In a recent episode of BioWare Pulse, designers Eric Fagnan and Corey Gaspur discuss some of the new combat features fans should expect in Mass Effect 3.

First of all, each class in Mass Effect 3 will have new unique powers along with their powers featured in ME2 which will also be upgraded. For example, the Vanguard class will give players a new Nova ability which they can use to shock enemies around them by slamming their fists into the ground. Engineers will be able to use Sentry Turrest which players can be used to draw out enemies hiding in rooms.

For more information on Mass Effect 3's RPG elements you can check here and for more information about combat, check out the video below:

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