Sony Launches PlayStation Game Music Service In Japan

By Patrick Molloy on December 14, 2011, 10:57AM EST

Sony today launched a new video game music service for the PlayStation in Japan, providing users with access to tracks and sound effects from various games.

The PlayStation Game Music service allows PlayStation 3 and PSP users to stream music and audio from select PlayStation titles and franchises, as well as some third-party games and non-music sources.

Assets from the likes of Final Fantasy XIII-2, the Monster Hunter series, the Dynasty Warriors series and the Yakuza series are available from launch, with more due to be added.

Select sound effects from the PlayStation 3 system, such as the PS3 startup sound and the trophy unlock sound, have also been made available via the service.

Those users who have access to audio streaming services from NTT Communications, MTI, Enterbrain, Oricon or Dwango are able to access the new service from the PlayStation menu, while other companies are due to be added in the coming weeks.

Sony has not yet revealed whether this service will be made available outside of Japan at any time.

Source: Andriasang

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