Square Enix: Two To Three Unannounced IPs 'Within A Few Years'

By Colin Tan on December 1, 2011, 1:08AM EST

Square Enix have revealed that they will be able to reveal two to three unannounced titles "within a few years," with the long-term goal being the establishment of 10 new IPs. The publishing company recently revealed one their first new IPs, an action RPG title utilizing Epic's Unreal Engine, confirming that it's currently in development.

"Regarding strengthening IPs, we are aiming to establish 10 IPs," said Square Enix CEO and President Yoichi Wada. "In addition to the strong IPs we own such as FINAL FANTASY, DRAGON QUEST, TOMB RAIDER, and KINGDOM HEARTS, we are engaged in developing towards a new IP establishment with quality-conscious.

Wada also cites Deus Ex: Human Revolution's "extremely high quality," which was received well both critically and commercially. As a result, Square Enix plans "to develop this IP as a franchise."

"Regarding yet unannounced IPs, we should certainly be able to announce 2 to 3 titles to everyone within a few years," he added. "Although we believe the basic business model for creating new IPs is the packaged title sales at present, the network has become a standard feature. With a requirement that an IP has to be capable of making a continuous profit contribution, we are aiming to establish 10 IPs."

Wada went onto stress that as the company "[tightens] the quality control on game content...any project that does not meet the strictest standards, would be cancelled."

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