Tales of Graces F Releases on March 13 in North America

By Patrick Molloy on December 9, 2011, 9:38PM EST

After years of RPG fans asking for Tales of Vesperia to release in North America as a PS3 title, it's finally begun to set-in that it simply isn't going to happen. However, its successor will, we will even get the enhanced version, Tales of Graces F.

A trailer has been released for Tales of Graces F which not only shows some fantastic RPG combat and storytelling that should make virtually every RPG fan excited, but reveals a North American release date as well. The date declared is 3.13.12, or March 13th, 2012.

Tales of Graces has previously only been released in Japan, and was received extremely well by Japanese press in addition to selling hundreds of thousands of copies in its first week (strong numbers for Japan). The "F" version of Tales of Graces includes enhanced visuals, additional story content, new costumes, and more.

Source: Tales Union

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