The Old Republic Draws 1M Players In 3 Days

By Patrick Molloy on December 24, 2011, 12:24PM EDT

BioWare and EA's ambitious licensed MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic surpassed 1 million paid subscribers in three days, the fastest any MMO has achieved that milestone.

According to EA, The Old Republic players have averaged 5 hours of play time per day, totaling 28 million in-game hours during a period that included many playing up to seven days in advance of the December 20 launch as part of a promotion.

"Everyone at BioWare, EA and LucasArts is honored - and humbled - by the stellar response from our fans," said BioWare GM and co-founder Ray Muzyka. "We're going to work together closely with our community in the weeks, months and years ahead, continually serving our audience with regular delivery of compelling new features and content."

Source: CVG

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