'Video Games Vs. Real Life' By Aled Lewis

By Lauren Alessandra on December 14, 2011, 11:39AM EDT

Video games have become so advanced lately as far as graphics go. Whether it's Uncharted or Modern Warfare, most environments are crisp, clear, and, most impressively, realistic. We forget how charming the 8-bit worlds once were.

Aled Lewis, a graphic design based in the UK, took the beauty once found in older titles like Duck Hunt and Ecco the Dolphin, and placed them neatly inside a real life environment. You'll see Bowser driving his little kart through a sandy beach and Zelda in the middle of a radiant field.

"I thought it would be fun to try to express how gamers see these worlds. I spent many hours gaming with my siblings and friends when I was growing up and this aesthetic has really come to represent that time," said Aled.

For more of these, refer to Aled's Behance profile and for his other works, check out his portfolio website.

Source: Aled's Portfolio

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