Vita Prices Leaked On

By Lauren Alessandra on December 19, 2011, 11:06AM EDT

The PlayStation Vita release date is coming closer and closer and incase you were already budgeting out how to spend that extra holiday money, have revealed prices of some of the highly anticipated Vita titles and memory cards.

First off, Uncharted: Golden Abyss will go for a Recommended Retail Price of £44.99 with a £40 price tag on Everybody's Golf and WipEout 2048 will be going for £34.99 RRP and although Little Deviants and Reality Fighters are listed for £24 RRP, they will be sold for £18 on

PlayStation Vita Memory Cards are a very important accessory to have and if you want the 16 GB version, expect to spend about £44.99 RRP and £40 on Play. The 8GB version will go for £28 and the 4GB version will go for £15 on Play saving you a few pounds.

Sony has yet to official price any of these titles so be sure to keep a look out. The PlayStation Vita will be out in stores starting February 22nd.

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