'1999' Mode Unveiled for Bioshock Infinite

By Sean Bamberger on January 19, 2012, 8:18PM EST

Bioshock Infinite developers Irrational Games today announced the addition of a rather special game mode for their hotly anticipated title. Catering to fans of more old-school gameplay, the '1999' Mode offers decisions which will have a permanent impact on character progression.

Along with this, Irrational Games have upped the skill level by featuring more demanding weapon, power and health management. A failure to manage resources will see players greeted with a classic 'Game Over' screen upon death.

"We want to give our oldest and most committed fans an option to go back to our roots," said Ken Levine, Creative Director of Irrational Games. "In 1999 Mode, gamers face more of the permanent consequences of their gameplay decisions."

The decision to introduce this mode stemmed from a user survey on the Irrational Games website. According to Levine, "94.6 percent of respondents indicated that upgrade choices enhanced their BioShock gameplay experience; however, 56.8 percent indicated that being required to make permanent decisions about their character would have made the game even better."

Bioshock Infinite is due for release later this year on Xbox 360, PS3 and Games For Windows Live.

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