Capcom VP Dismisses SOPA Support Reports

By Alastair Stevenson on January 9, 2012, 7:58AM EST

A Capcom executive has stepped forward attacking the world's media, clarifying the company never supported the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act.

Reports that Capcom was supporting SOPA arose when the Entertainment Software Association

  • a group Capcom is a part of - publicly voiced its support for the bill. Calling previous reports that listed Capcom as a SOPA supporter "bad journalism" senior vice president and former games journalist Christian Svensson clarified the company had not issued any official statement regarding its stance on the controversial bill.

"We've only ever stated that the ESA represents us in legislative matters like every other publisher," said Svensson while writing on Capcom's forums. Clarifying Capcom "has not stated any stance" on SOPA and that; "Inferring more than that is bad journalism."

Designed to combat online piracy, since being announced the SOPA bill has come under wide-spread criticism, with numerous groups voicing concerns about the new powers the act could grant U.S. law enforcement. A common concern is the suggestion that the act will allow police to arrest, fine and potentially jail individuals for seemingly minor offences, such as uploading a copyrighted video onto YouTube.

Other games companies to have pulled their support for the bill despite still holding ESA membership include, Epic, Nintendo, Sony and EA.

Source: Capcom Unity

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