EA Refuses To Oppose SOPA

By Colin Tan on January 18, 2012, 3:58PM EST

Publisher Electronic Arts has refused to oppose the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) or break away from the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), an industry lobby group that actively supports the anti-piracy bill.

The news comes via an email leaked on Reddit, with EA Senior VP of Communications and Public Affairs stating that the publisher "[believes] in the organization and agree with them on most issues."

EA are aware of the petition on Change.org started by EA Sports and Battlefield fan Shashank Katsurirangan that urges the company to oppose SOPA. On Tuesday, the petition was signed by 130,000 concerned gamers and internet denizens alike. Since then, even more campaigns against the controversial SOPA and PIPA bills have been started on Change.org.

"Change.org users have launched an avalanche of anti-censorship petition campaigns, several of which have more than 100,000 signatures," said Change.org Communications Manager Charlotte Hill. "This email from Electronic Arts proves the folks upstairs are hearing the petition signers loud and clear."

Representative Jared Polis of Colorado added that he is "greatly concerned" about the future of the industry should SOPA or PIPA pass, and urged gamers to speak out against the bills.

"As a video game fan and someone who made his living as an Internet entrepreneur before being elected to Congress, I'm greatly concerned about the future of the Internet and gaming if Congress doesn't wake up," Representative Polis said.

"It's critical that fellow gamers speak out against the Stop Online Piracy Act and encourage the makers of their favorite games to join them in opposing this misguided legislation. Gamers are starting to protect the games they love and the innovation that drives the gaming industry. I hope that all major video game companies will join Riot Games and other companies in publicly opposing this legislation."

Several websites, including Wikipedia and Reddit have gone dark today in protest against both SOPA and PIPA.

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