GAME Place Hopes In Vita and Wii U Success

By Alastair Stevenson on January 10, 2012, 10:35AM EST

UK retailer GAME has placed its hopes in the future success of the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Wii U to reverse its poor sales performance.

Beating an overall 13.1 percent slump in the market, GAME reported a 11.9 percent reduction in yearly sales. Despite the downturn, the group reported that it expected to "have a year-end cash position similar to last year" - roughly £120 million.

"Our industry had an incredibly tough 2011, and so did we. We remain the market leader and have a clear strategy which will return the business to growth. We are adapting to the changing market and are well prepared for the next hardware cycle," commented GAME CEO, Ian
Shepherd on the company's performance.

In its statement GAME went on to report that it expected to see sales pick up during the PlayStation Vita's February and the Nintendo Wii U's, currently unknown, 2012 launch. "The PlayStation Vita will launch in Europe on 22 February, and the Nintendo Wii U is scheduled to launch later in the year. GAME expects to be the European market leader for each launch," read the GAME Group's statement.

Source: GAME

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