Gamers Voting Against Amy's Controversial Pricing On PSN

By Darryl Kaye on January 7, 2012, 7:40AM EST

VectorCell and Lexis Numerique announced the release date of their upcoming survival horror game Amy yesterday, but they caused controversy when announcing the proposed prices of each version of the game in North America. However, fans are voting against their decision, they want equality.

While the Xbox Live Arcade version of the game will cost 800 Microsoft Points ($10), the PlayStation Network version will be downloadable for $12.99. Lexis Numerique attempted to justify the difference by citing economic downturn and exchange rates: "Indeed, we believe AMY could have been sold a little bit higher. However, the issue we have to deal with is that a price in MS points doesn't have the same value in all countries. Indeed, because of fluctuations between the dollar and the euro, 800 MS points are currently worth $10 in the US but €10 in Europe, which is about $12.8."

However, in response to criticism from fans, Lexis Numerique have decided to let the fans decide what they should do. And currently the fans are dicatating that the PlayStation Network version should be reduced in price. Since the poll was set up, 739 votes have been cast - 71 percent of which have voted in favour of reducing the price.

Lexis Numerique has stated that they will commit to whatever the consumers decide, with the poll scheduled to close on the 9th of January at 12:00 PST. Amy is then due for release during that week.

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