Harmonix Wins $383m In Case Against Viacom

By Darryl Kaye on January 4, 2012, 5:10AM EST

Rock Band developer Harmonix has won a huge court case against its former owner Viacom, which entitles them to a $383 million payout in withheld bonus payments.

According to Viacom's initial purchase of Harmonix in 2006, Harmonix would receive a bonus payout of 3.5 times any gross profits of $32 million in 2007 and $45 million in 2008. They paid the bonus in 2007, but not 2008 and then asked for the 2007 back.

The ruling has indicated that Viacom had no right to ask for the $150 million back and owe Harmonix shareholders $383 million in withheld bonuses.

Unsurprisingly, Viacom has appealed the decision based on evidence being "improperly excluded."

Source: LA Times

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