Magic Spells Revealed For King Arthur II

By Colin Tan on January 13, 2012, 1:13AM EST

Paradox and Neocore have revealed that their role-playing wargame King Arthur II will empower players with the might and wonder of magic spells.

The reveal comes as part of Neocore's in-depth features discussing various aspects of the role-playing strategy game that's due out at the end of this month. Not only do players get to lead their armies into real-time combat against thousands of soldiers in a full 3D map, they'll get to turn the tide of battle by employing their tactical genius and clever deployment of powerful spells.

"The spells in King Arthur II can be passive, which means that they always grant benefits, or active, meaning they cost Mana," explained Neocore's community manager Orsolya Tóth, aka Neocore_Kate. "Spells can have an instant effect (Winds of the North) or they can require time to be cast (Fireball), and they can last for a fraction of a minute (Lightning Bolt) or they might have a duration (Venomous Curse). All of them, however, have a cooldown value, which determines how soon they can be used again.

"Some of the more powerful spells require time to be fully activated and they can't be cast while the hero is involved in melee combat. When an enemy hero begins casting such a spell, you will receive a notification. And here comes the best part: spells and skills that have a casting time can be breached! If the caster is interrupted while activating the spell or skill, he won't be able to finish it. He stops weaving the spell, and while it won't have any effect the spell's Mana cost will still be lost."

Check out the full feature to learn more about King Arthur II and its new magic powers, as well as a number of shiny screenshots. The game is out on January 27 for PC.

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