Meet The Characters And World Of Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice Of Arland

By Colin Tan on January 20, 2012, 8:27PM EDT

The official website for NIS America and Gust's Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland has been updated with information on the game's settings and characters.

Sequel to Atelier Totori: The Adventure of Arland and the third game in Gust's Arland series, players will join Merurulince Rede Arls, a princess from the Kingdom of Arls, as she trains to become an alchemist and in her quest to make Arls prosperous. Meruru is pretty optimistic about things, although she has a tendency to do first and think later.

Totooria Helmold from Atelier Totori returns in this game as well as Meruru's teacher. Since her last outing, Totori's become a full-fledged alchemist and a pretty famous adventurer across Arland.

Speaking of familiar faces, Rorolina Frixell from the first game makes an appearance as well, although in a slightly different form. Originally tasked by the leader of Arland to assist in Arls' development project, her trip gets interrupted and Totori is sent on her behalf instead. Rorona eventually makes it to Arls, although she looks mighty younger than before.

The Kingdom of Arls is a tiny and growing nation situated to the far northwest of Arland. Having been longtime friends with the King of Arls, the leader of Arland, Gio, proposes that they join the Arland Republic. It's not all sunshine and roses however as there are parties within the Republic that oppose this union.

And so begins Atelier Meruru's story as a number of adventurers from Arland are sent to Arls to assist in their five year development project, among whom includes the famous Totooria Helmold. After meeting the famed adventurer and alchemist, Meruru runs away from the castle determined to become her apprentice.

Head on over to the website to learn more about the game and its characters. Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland will arrive in stores this May exclusively for the PS3.

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