Miyamoto Currently Working On An 'Undisclosed Original Game'

By Nick Young on January 6, 2012, 11:58AM EST

Zoomin Games recently sat down with Nintendo's own Shigeru Miyamoto for a video interview about his current plans. As brief as it was insightful, the interview mentioned that Miyamoto is currently working on Luigi's Mansion 2 for the 3DS, Pikmin 3 for the WiiU and an "undisclosed original title."

No further details were given about the mysterious title, including which console it would be designed for, but Miyamoto did comment on originality. "If you ask me, 'Is it too much pressure to try to come out with something new?' I have to say no, I'm enjoying myself."

Miyamoto also touched on his own style and may have hinted at the direction his new title may take. "Each creator has his or her own field for which he or she is particularly good at," Miyamoto said. "I'm not saying that I am particularly bad at making the very photo-realistic video games. But when it comes to the realistic games, you have to create something familiar. I personally want to make something really different."

Miyamoto also talked briefly about retirement, "To be clear, I have no intention to retire at all. I'm not old enough to think about retirement right now. But everybody has to retire at some point, I wanted to make clear that we are preparing for that."

Source: Zoomin Games

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