No Chance of E3 2012 PS4 Appearance Says Sony

By Alastair Stevenson on January 11, 2012, 7:53AM EST

Reports have emerged suggesting Kaz Hirai has confirmed Sony has no plans to showcase a new PlayStation at 2012's E3.

Hirai reportedly let slip the news during a roundtable meeting with journalists at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). During his discussion Hirai reportedly clarified that the company was going to stick to the current PS3's original 10 year life cycle - effectively ending speculation that the company planned to release it in 2013.

Hirai was reported as making the comments after asked to confirm comments attributed to the head of the PlayStation division Andrew House. "Andy (House) is absolutely right in that we are not making any announcements at E3," reported Hirai as saying. "I've always said a 10-year life cycle for PS3, and there is no reason to go away from that."


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