PlayStation Vita Sold 500,000 Units During Holiday Period

By Colin Tan on January 10, 2012, 2:59AM EDT

Sony have revealed that the PlayStation Vita has shifted roughly half a million units during the holiday period since its December 17 launch.

In addition, the PS3 sold 3.9 million units over the same period. It's on track to for the company's target of 15 million units sold for this fiscal year. Meanwhile, the PSP sold 1.6 million units worldwide and the PlayStation Move sold a slightly higher 1.7 million units during the holidays.

The PlayStation Vita has not been performing well at sales, at least to critics, especially when compared to its rival handheld, the 3DS. Vita sales took a nosedive of 78 percent, selling only 72,479 units, in its second week since launch. The PSP outperformed the PS Vita as well, likely due to a lower price and larger library of games.

Regardless, the PS Vita see more sales if rumours of a new Monster Hunter title are to be believed.

Source: Andriasang

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