SCEE QA Delays European Trine 2 Launch On PSN

By Beyhan Moustafa on January 6, 2012, 5:12AM EST

Frozenbyte, developers of Trine 2, has recently voiced their disappointment as the European PSN version of the game is delayed due to Quality Assurance testing by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. It was supposed to be released alongside the North American version in December last year.

Frozenbyte vice president Joel Kinnunen stated in an interview that "We are anxiously awaiting the European release ourselves! We had both SCEA and SCEE versions ready at the same time and they are basically 100 per cent the same (SCEA version already has all European languages, for example), so we are very disappointed we couldn't have a simultaneous launch. But it's out of our hands."

Unfortunately, there is still no release date for the European version of the game. Hopefully, it shouldn't take much longer.

Source: Eurogamer

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