Wakfu Open Beta Is A Go

By Colin Tan on January 6, 2012, 12:45AM EST

Ankama Games have formally announced that the up-and-coming player-driven tactical MMO Wakfu has entered its open beta phase, welcoming new adventurers and veteran testers alike to help make The World of Twelve a great experience in time for its February launch.

Wakfu is the successor to Dofus, and so it is set within the same world. Players will step into The World of Twelve a thousand years after The Great Deluge, a catastrophic event that flooded the entire realm.

The game draws from many aspects of Dofus, including its turn-based isometric battle system and player-driven politics, as well as economics. One of the biggest changes is in the game's environments, which are highly dynamic, featuring its own ecology that's affected by player actions.

Head on over to Wakfu's official website to learn more about the game or even join in the adventure.

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