2 Million Skyrim Mods Downloaded In 3 Days

By Colin Tan on February 14, 2012, 6:53PM EST

Skyrim has seen a flood of mods downloaded since the release of the Creation Toolkit last week. In fact, over two million mods have been downloaded in a matter of just three days.

Even before the highly anticipated release of the toolkit, mods have been circulating the PC community thanks to modding hubs such as SkyrimNexus. According to Bethesda's number crunching, "more than 2,500 mods have been published by the gaming community." Stay tuned this week for GU's own roundup of our favourite mods.

The Steam Workshop streamlines search for the slew of mods, from high-res textures to all new armour and weapon sets. Even gameplay improvements.

Don't forget that one of the biggest mod endeavors is also underway, theMiddle-Earth Roleplaying Project aims to bring the epic The Lord of the Rings adventure to Skyrim.

Source: PC Gamer

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