Awesomesauce News: XSEED Picks Up The Last Story For North American Release

By Colin Tan on February 22, 2012, 9:49PM EDT

Where Nintendo has fallen short, it seems that XSEED Games have delighted fans in picking up North American localization duties for Mistwalker's and AQ Interactive's highly anticipated RPG epic, The Last Story.

"XSEED Games is proud and very, very happy to present to you, our awesome fans... The Last Story! Raise that bacon high!" tweeted the publishing company.

XSEED Games are known for publishing pretty niche Japanese titles in North America and they have thankfully confirmed that they'll be bringing The Last Story over. The game was released earlier last year in Japan, and is scheduled for release this week in Europe. North American fans, however, were left in the dark.

This, on top of the confirmed Xenoblade Chronicles (out April 6), is pretty awesome news for all RPG fans in the States and Canada. XSEED, however, wouldn't specify a more, well, specific release date other than a 2012 release.

Now the only other RPG epic for the Nintendo Wii left up in the air is Ganbarion's Pandora's Tower, which is out in Europe on April 13.

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