Digital Extremes: We're 'Interested' In Developing The Darkness III

By Jordan Douglas on February 9, 2012, 5:59PM EST

One of the most anticipated titles of early 2012, The Darkness II, hit store shelves this week, but could another iteration in the series be on the horizon sooner rather than later? Yes, if Digital Extremes' president, Michael Schmalz, has anything to say about it. During an interview with Gaming Union on the eve of The Darkness II's launch, Schmalz expressed that his team is "interested" in working on The Darkness III"¦ if publisher 2K desires it.

Gaming Union: Would Digital Extremes like to work on The Darkness III?

Michael Schmalz: Yeah. I think we'd be receptive to that, as we would be getting the opportunity to work on any great project. Ultimately, it's up to the publisher to pick the right talent for their franchise going forward, but we'd certainly be interested if the situation was right.

The Darkness II is on store shelves now for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Stay tuned for more from Michael Schmalz in our follow-up interview next week.

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