Guild Wars 2 Heading To Consoles

By Colin Tan on February 21, 2012, 12:44AM EST

The hit MMORPG experience that is Guild Wars 2 is heading to consoles, according to publisher NCSoft. The studio revealed that a "small development team" is currently busy bringing the epic over to consoles.

No real details were revealed other than that it is currently in "the preparation stage" for unspecified consoles. Rest assured, NCSoft have stressed that the PC build is still their main point of focus. ArenaNet are hard at work developing the highly anticipated MMORPG, which is planned for launch later this year. A beta is expected in March.

Guild Wars 2 is an epic massively multiplayer experience set in the fantasy realm of Tyria, a world controlled by the Elder Dragons. In Guild Wars 2, the overarching plot follows the return of Destiny's Edge, a lost guild dedicated to fighting the Elder Dragons and ultimately defeat its leader, the undead Zhaitan.

Unlike most MMOs, Guild Wars 2 is set in a persistent world where player actions will dictate the course of events in Tyrian history. Utilizing a unique ripple-effect questing system, players will be able to take part in quests relative to the events of the world, creating an immersive environment that has only been seen in single player RPGs to date.

Source: Gamespot

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