Indie Dev I-Friqiya Announces Their First Game Fuel Overdose

By Colin Tan on February 24, 2012, 6:40PM EST

Tokyo-based indie developer I-Friqiya have announced their very first game, Fuel Overdose, which is set for release this Spring. In development for 18 months, Fuel Overdose is an attempt to revitalize the combat racing genre with innovative combat mechanics while focusing on the core concept of racing.

"We have played a lot of them [combat racers] over the last 15 years and we started our journey wanting to bring back a certain idea of the genre," said the indie developer, "but also to propose something completely new and fresh. We focused our efforts on trying to provide innovative and fun action/combat game mechanics and bring in a tactical touch to the genre.

Fuel Overdose's three core values are Action, Tactical and Racing. Players can expect a cast array of weaponry and combat mechanics like a grappling hook that can be used both defensively and offensively. Not only that, but decisions made outside of races themselves will affect your overall performance. A deep resource management system is in place to help manage your vehicles and its weapons, powers and even Supers and Ultras, mechanics usually seen in the competitive fighting genre.

At its core, Fuel Overdose "is not a combat-arena game," like other highly notable titles such as Twisted Metal. "It is, as its core, a racing game that requires driving skills and that allows and values different racing styles and a diverse garage of vehicles, themselves all customizable to improve their driving and performance."

As for the studio, I-Friqiya was formed by a group of game developers hailing from larger companies. The Tokyo-based studio was established in 2010 and consists of a multicultural team from both Europe and Japan. You can head on over to the official Fuel Overdose website for more information on the developer and their debut title.

Below you'll find several screenshots and character artwork from the game. Enjoy.

Fuel Overdose 1 Fuel Overdose 5 Fuel Overdose 2 Fuel Overdose 7
Fuel Overdose 3 Fuel Overdose 4
Fuel Overdose 6

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