No Need To Pay Twice For PS3, Vita Cross-Platform Titles

By Colin Tan on February 17, 2012, 9:16PM EDT

Sony have revealed that PS3 and PlayStation Vita owners won't have to pay twice for titles that are cross-compatible across the two platforms.

Some of the titles that support cross-platform compatibility include WipEout 2048, Motorstorm RC, Top Darts, Hustle Kings and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. If you already own any of these titles on PS3 or Vita, you can access them on the other device for free as well.

Sony was also sure to bring up the Vita and PS3's Cross-Play functionality, which is featured in the aforementioned titles.

"It is not only the ability to buy these games for one price and access them across both platforms that makes the relationship between PS3 and PS Vita so important.

"Motorstorm RC, Hustle Kings Top Darts and WipEout HD and HD Fury DLC for WipEout 2048 all offer Cross Platform Play, which allows users to compete with gamers regardless of which system they are playing on. Whether it is real time or turn based play, this new way of competing creates a unique gaming experience."

The Vita is out February 22 in North America and Europe.

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