PS Vita Worldwide Sales Reach 1.2 Million

By Darryl Kaye on February 28, 2012, 2:37PM EDT

Following the launch of the PlayStation Vita in Europe and North America, Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed that more than 1.2 million units have now been sold worldwide.

Sales of the console in Japan have almost reached 600,000 since its release in December, which attributes a further 600,000 between Europe and North America.

Sony also announced that sales of PS Vita software have crossed the 2 million mark, a figure which includes both retail and digital sales. This means the console has a current attach rate of 1.67 games.

The most interesting statistic is that Sony are giving actual internal sales figure, as opposed to "shipped" figures. Whether this has been done to try and calm some fears is unclear, as Chart-Track announced that the launch in the UK wasn't the strongest, falling some way short of the PlayStation Portable back in 2005.

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