PS3 Firmware Update 4.10 Live Today

By Darryl Kaye on February 8, 2012, 9:22AM EST

Sony has revealed more information on PS3 firmware update version 4.10, which will be released later today around the world and will usher in a new era for PlayStation 3 owners.

The major change for 4.10 is that the PlayStation Network (PSN) will now officially be called the Sony Entertainment Network (SEN). This change was announced earlier in the week by Sony.

Firmware update v4.10 will also improve the efficiency of the PlayStation 3's internet browser. Sony believe the changes will result in content displaying better, with there being more accuracy in the rendering of certain layouts. Some interactive websites which wouldn't display before, should now work perfectly fine.

Time will also be set more accurately via the internet. You will still be able to set it manually, but if you use the "Set Automatically" option, via the XrossMediaBar, the results should be much more in-keeping with the actual time in the world.

The update will clock in at around 180mb, and you will be able to acquire it automatically via system update, or via a USB memory stick.

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