A Game Of Thrones Gets New Story Trailer

By Colin Tan on March 28, 2012, 9:32PM EST

Here's a meaty new trailer for A Game of Thrones, Cyanide Studio's upcoming RPG epic based on George R. R. Martin's best-selling saga, A Song of Ice and Fire.

The story runs parallel to the books. Players take on the roles of Mors Westford, a hardened warrior of the Night's Watch, and Alester Sarwyck, a red priest.

The game features a unique take on the old pause-and-play formula. Battles take place in real-time and plays can pause the action, but time never actually stops. Instead, it slows down when the command menu is brought up, giving players just enough time to decide on their next course of action.

On top of that, the game also features a multi-class progression system that allows players to mix and match their specializations.

A Game of Thrones is slated for a May 2012 release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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