Paradox Interactive Announce Three New Titles

By Colin Tan on March 5, 2012, 7:39PM EST

Paradox Interactive announced today at GDC 2012 three big new games from three rather small developers as part of their presentation, stressing that size doesn't matter.

The three new games are The Showdown Effect, Dungeonland and RED Frontier. All of which are available for demo at the event. All of which you can catch in their respective debut trailers below.

The Showdown Effect is being developed by Arrowhead Game Studios, the same one that brought us the awesome Magicka. It's a side-scrolling, action multiplayer game where players can customize to their heart's content.

The second game is Dungeonland from Critical Studios, "an amoral, atypical take on asymmetric gameplay," where up to three players can hook up to take on the foul theme park's so very evil rides. A fourth player acts as the Game Master, attempting to ensnare the others with traps and monsters.

Finally, Zeal Game Studio is developing RED Frontier, a real-time strategy game where players choose their own heroes to fight alongside team-mates in a struggle over resources using an arsenal of combat droids, vehicles and other nasty weaponry.

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