PS Vita Exclusive Gravity Rush Gets Dated

By Darryl Kaye on March 1, 2012, 5:21AM EDT

Sony has revealed that their upcoming PlayStation Vita exclusive, Gravity Rush, will be releasing on the 13th of June in across Europe. It'll be appearing via digital download on the PlayStation Store and as a retail boxed product.

Titled Gravity Daze in Japan, the title launched on the 9th of February to much critical praise. It's the latest game from Sony's Japan Studio and has a central theme of gravity.

After a futuristic world comes under attack, gravity storms appear in the sky and cause havoc. The game's protagonist, Kat, then finds that she has the ability to be able to control the power of gravity and sets out to vanquish the evils foes.

While doing this, she also has to try and piece together he memories, making a game that is said to have solid gameplay, but also plenty of substance when it comes to motivation and back story.

The game is due to release on the 12th of June in North America, just one day before the European release. This is one title that could make the PS Vita a must-own console for those who're currently sitting on the fence.

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