PS Vita Sales See Small Upturn In Japan

By Darryl Kaye on March 15, 2012, 5:23AM EDT

Sales of the PlayStation Vita have seen a small upturn this week in Japan following the release of Sony's third-person shooter Unit 13.

The game managed to shift 8,089 units, but it was the only PS Vita title that featured in the Top 20 games for the week, highlighting the lackluster launch line-up in the region. Despite the console releasing in Japan, there has still been a distinct lack of new games on the system.

It meant that the console managed to sell 10,041 units, an increase on last week's 10,023. However, it still sold less than the Nintendo 3DS (68,951), PlayStation 3 (34,816) and the PlayStation Portable (16,176).

Sony will have to hope that interesting software is released soon in the region, as they look for sales to increase. The Nintendo 3DS also struggled at launch, but is now dominating the Japanese charts a year later.

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