RaiderZ Kicks Into Alpha Testing

By Colin Tan on March 19, 2012, 1:34PM EST

Perfect World Entertainment have announced that RaiderZ, a free-to-play monster hunting MMO from Neowiz Games, has kicked into alpha testing stage, noting that a few lucky users have been invited to the closed testing arena.

"In RaiderZ , characters are not bound to any one class or skillset," said Perfect World's Product Manager Tony Kim. "And though we just launched, the Alpha Test is already proving to show a mixed bag of fighting styles and unique team strategies. Watching RaiderZ come alive is exciting and we love what our players are already bringing to the table."

RaiderZ is as much action as it is strategy, featuring an open world with dynamic battlefields, and a flexible combat system dependant on player skills and preferences. Hunters can band together to seek out huge monsters and pool together their skills as a team to take them down.

Players can mix and match their skills to suit their play styles, with Perfect World adding that it's possible to provide healing services while tanking, or deal massive damage from afar off in a heavy suit of armour. There are over 350 skills to choose from, and a vast array of weapons and armour.

You can apply for early access to the game's alpha test, and likely forthcoming beta test too, over at

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