Rumour: GAME Group Put Up For Sale

By Darryl Kaye on March 12, 2012, 5:14AM EST

According to reports, GAME Group has put itself up for sale as it struggles to meet its quarterly rent bill, which is due in two weeks time.

Sources told The Sunday Times that Rothschild had been drafted in to try and find a suitable buyer for the company within the two-week window, but recognised that this may prove difficult. Deloitte has also been lined up should GAME enter administration. American retail giant GameStop has been rumoured with a small take-over, but only of the group's stores in Spain and Portugal.

GAME Groups stock prices fell dramatically over the weekend to under 1p. This time last year, their share price was 60p this time last year and ended last week at 3.51p.

GAME started their Spring Clearance last week, with prices of games and hardware slashed as they attempted to shift some of their inventory and get people spending in their stores.

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