Two London Rioters Found Guilty Following PSP Theft

By Darryl Kaye on March 2, 2012, 1:33PM EST

Two rioters, who posed as good samaritans, are both facing jail after they were found guilty of robbing Ashraf Rossli, a defenseless student from Malaysia.

The incident took place on the 8th of August, 2011, and is one of the more infamous crimes during the riots. It was recorded and become a viral video, after the video showed and then 20-year old Rossli, with blood pouring from his mouth, being helped to his feet by a group of youths.

The same youths who helped him, then riffled through his backs and stole his PlayStation Portable, alongside 10 games that were also in Rossli's back pack. Moments before this took place, Rossli's jaw had been smashed and his bicycle had been stolen.

The duo, consisting of John Kafunda and Reece Donovan were unanimously by a jury at London's Wood Green Crown Court of robbery and violent disorder. To make matters worse, Donovan was also convicted of theft and burgling a Tesco store. They will be sentenced on March 13.

Following the news, Namco Bandai and Sony sent Rossli a new PSP with a selection of games, as a form of compensation for the ordeal he had suffered through.

Chief Superintendent Gary Buttercase, of the Metropolitan Police, said: "I have met Mr Rossli and he is a man of humility and dignity and a tremendous credit to his country, and I am particularly pleased that we have managed to get justice for the appalling attack he suffered and the subsequent theft that has attracted derision from across the world."

Following his attack at the time, Rossli said "I knew they were stealing from me but I could do nothing. I was not in a position to defend myself and was still suffering from the effects of being hit. Once they had taken what they wanted they left."

The person who conducted the initial assault was Beau Isagba, a 17-year old. He has also been charged with GBH and robbery. He will be sentenced on the 9th of March.

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