Valve Deny Steam Box Rumours

By Darryl Kaye on March 9, 2012, 5:14AM EST

Valve has denied reports that it is developing its own console, which was subbed the "Steam Box". Although it has confessed to building its own boxes, but for another reason.

The report broke last week, as technology website The Verge stated that Valve would be looking to release their own home console, which would allow people to play Steam games, and other PC software.

However, when speaking at GDC, Doug Lombardi stated that the units that The Verge saw, were simple boxes the company had built to test out a new user interface for playing Steam through your TV.

"We're prepping the Steam Big Picture Mode UI and getting ready to ship that, so we're building boxes to test that on," said Lombardi when talking to Kotaku.

"We're also doing a bunch of different experiments with biometric feedback and stuff like that, which we've talked about a fair amount."

Lombardi didn't shut the rumour mill down entirely though, as he stated that Valve wouldn't be making any hardware "any time soon", suggesting that there might be scope for it in the future.

Source: Kotaku

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