Visceral Goes Behind The Scenes In Dead Space 2 Developer Commentary

By Colin Tan on March 5, 2012, 7:05PM EST

Visceral Games have released a developer commentary on its hit horror-survival game Dead Space 2. The commentary shares some developer insights in designing and creating the game's atmosphere.

The first video in the studio's commentary series talks about the opening sequences of Dead Space 2, what their goals were and how they went about to create an immersive and terrifying experience, while keeping players grounded in the game world.

In Dead Space 2, players join Isaac Clarke as he fights his way off the Sprawl, which has been infested with Necromorphs. Visceral explained that in the opening sequences, it was important for them to get up close with the Necromorphs, as well as tell a story through visual cues set in Isaac's surroundings.

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