BioWare Technically 'Falsely Advertised' Mass Effect 3

By Lauren Alessandra on April 11, 2012, 7:26PM EST

Mass Effect 3's ending apparently could be labeled as false advertising, according to Better Business Bureau Communications Director Marjore Stephens.

Stephens, who wrote a blog in response to a complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission by a gamer going by the name of El_Spiko, cited the game's promotional statements as backing: "The decisions you make completely shape your experience and outcome," is an absolute statement. On a technicality, that is false advertisting.

"The lesson to be learned here is companies should give careful consideration to how they word their advertisements," said Stephens. "Otherwise, there could be detrimental effects, especially in the era of social media and online forums."

This, of course, is not an "official" statement from the Better Business Bureau, merely a blog post that can serve as a warning to publishers to use better judgement when composing their marketing campaign.

If you haven't already, definitely check out our review of Mass Effect 3 along with Adam's Rant which addresses Mass Effect 3's ending "“ on a more positive note, to be specific.

Source: Better Business Bureau

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