Final Fantasy XIII-2 Cast Gets Decked Out In Prada

By Lauren Alessandra on April 4, 2012, 2:53PM EST

Perhaps the men's fashion magazine 'Arena Homme+' is trying to tap into a new demographic, but in any case, the magazine and Square Enix have teamed up for an interesting photoshoot involving Final Fantasy XIII-2 cast members.

Sazh, Hope, Noel, and Lightning (?!) are all decked out in Prada; some wearing it a bit better than others. These items are all from Prada's 2012 Spring/Summer men's collection.

Max Pearmain, Editor of Arena Homme+ had this to say of the feature: "I've always been interested by the power of video games and their place in society, and the amount of work that's gone into this project blows my mind. We're incredibly pleased with the result."

Hopefully there'll be more of these 'high fashion x video game' collaborations to come. Check out all the images below.

Lightning Noel Sazh Hope

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