Former LucasArts Project Lead Making New PS Vita Title

By Lauren Alessandra on April 5, 2012, 11:13AM EST

Former LucasArts project lead, Garry Gaber, as decided to take on the development of a new title at his studio, Escape Hatch. The title will be called Starlight Inception and it's being developed for the PlayStation Vita and PC. Like many indie developers lately, Gaber is looking to Kickstarter for support and so far he has been pretty successful.

Starlight Inception will be a space combat title which promises a blend of jam-packed action and epic storyline with interplanetary exploration and multiplayer dogfighting. After receiving countless rejections from publishers, Gaber decided to look to Kickstarter for help as well as proof that this is a game that gamers would like to see.

In only a few days, the Kickstarter gained 178 backers with over $5,000 in donations. Although this is only a small chunk of their $150,000 goal, it seems as though the title is on the right track.

"Wow! What a day! Starlight Inception's campaign on Kickstarter is going great! 170 backers and over $5k. Thank you so much for all who have helped," said Escape Hatch producer Melissa Gaber.

So far Starlight Inception is slated for a PC and PlayStation Vita release, but depending on how much is donated, Gaber said he may be able to produce it for other platforms. If you wish to help out or learn more about the title, please visit Starlight Inception's Official Kickstarter.

Source: Kickstarter

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