Max Payne 3 Will See A More Detailed Bullet Time

By Lauren Alessandra on April 13, 2012, 9:35AM EST

Way back when Max Payne first came out, Bullet Time was one of the coolest features gamers had seen in awhile. Now, with Max Payne 3 coming out next month, Rockstar must rise to the challenge of outdoing themselves.

As described in the video below, Bullet Time has received a bit of an upgrade allowing players to access the kill cam at will. Like past games, the kill cam will still activate automatically, but will change based on how far Max is from the enemy and what kind of gun he's using.

There will also be times during cinematic sequences where Bullet Time is activated automatically, sort of like Quick Time Events.

Rockstar is using the Euphoria physics engine this time around which will allow for a more realistic performance from enemies when they're shot at. They can call for backup and, if they're shot and still living, they will hold the place where they were wounded.

Max Payne 3 will hit stores on 15th May in the US and the 18th May in Europe. PC gamers will join in the fun on the 29th May. Check out the latest trailer below.

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