Sony's Mysterious Interactive Game Datura Gets New Trailer

By Colin Tan on April 28, 2012, 1:06PM EST

A new trailer for Sony's upcoming mystery game Datura has arrived, courtesy of developer Team Plasic Game Director Michal Staniszewski.

"The game was designed to have a film like narrative and we encourage you to play through it in one session to really experience as one," said Staniszewski. "We are excited about releasing it and will be happy to read your reactions afterwards."

According to Staniszewski, Datura is an old-school adventure experience with a modern twist. Designed to make good use of the PlayStation Move, the game brings players into a surreal dreamscape where anything can be interacted with by way of a disturbingly detached hand.

Players lacking a PlayStation Move can still join in the mystery thanks to support for more traditional controls. Moreover, support for stereoscopic 3D visuals has been confirmed.

May 8 is the day Datura comes to PSN for $10, and $7.99 for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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