Aliens: Colonial Marines Delayed, Ships Early 2013

By Colin Tan on May 21, 2012, 12:45PM EST

Aliens: Colonial Marines has slipped into 2013. Elusive little thing isn't it? Much like those slimy xenomorphs the sci-fi horror series is known for.

Colonial Marines was set for release this Spring, which has now come and gone, and was then pushed back for a Fall 2012 release. Publisher Sega have announced today that it is once again pushing the release of the Gearbox Software developed shooter into early 2013: February 12, 2013, to be exact.

Moreover, the publisher has yet to announce a release date for the marines' Wii U counterpart, which was and continues to be even more elusive than the game's release, with Sega stating "a release date for the announced Wii U version will be revealed at a later time" in its press release.

In the meantime, Sega hopes you enjoy the new trailer aptly dubbed "Suspense."

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