DC Universe Online's 'Last Laugh' DLC Gets Even More Content

By Lauren Alessandra on May 9, 2012, 6:07PM EST

DC Universe Online's 'Last Laugh' DLC just got a bit more beefy. Along with the 3 additional 4 vs 4 battle scenarios, players will also have access to a two-phase 16 vs 16 scenario.

In this mode, your main objective is to take over the opposing team's headquarters by any means necessary. Also, you'll be able to fight with a lovely new weapon known as "The Shield", which you can use to bash enemies or simply just throw at them. Think Captain America.

Two new Legends PvP characters have also been added to the mix; Kilowog the Green Lantern and Amon Sur from the Sinestro Corps.

Legendary subscribers can enjoy this DLC for free starting in June. This DLC will also be available for purchase for Free and Premium members. This content is also available on both PC and PS3 versions.

Source: Joystiq

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