First Skyrim DLC Expansion Announced, Dubbed Dawnguard

By Darryl Kaye on May 2, 2012, 4:12AM EST

Following on from the teaser last week, Bethesda Softworks has now officially announced the first major Skyrim DLC expansion, which will be releasing this summer.

The downloadable content will be called Dawnguard, and was advertising with a rather possessed looking Dovhkin (as seen above). Last week, gamers found a folder within the game called "DLC01", which contained information for new Snow Elf characters, crossbows and vampire animations.

Aside from the name, Bethesda have revealed nothing else about the first Skyrim DLC expansion. Instead, the pointed gamers towards E3, which is due to take place in just over a month's time.

This suggests that Bethesda will either have a massive public announcement, or that they will be showing off substantial amounts of content to journalists at their booth.

Another option is that Microsoft could push Dawnguard during their press conference. Bethesda has announced that the DLC will be a timed exclusive on the Xbox 360 platform, with a PC and PlayStation 3 release following at some point down the line. This has been a typical strategy for Bethesda over the years, with the Fallout franchise.

Either way, it looks like we won't be hearing anything more about Dawnguard until E3 comes around. But be sure to check out when E3 rolls around for all the latest news on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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